Thursday, April 23, 2009

FIU - Finish It Up!

Ok, I can think of no better way to get back into the quilting rhythm than machine quilting a top that I have already promised to someone.

It will be a good start, and I am committing to finishing this quilt by May 22, binding and all! Due to the challenge issued over at Pat Sloan's Corner.

I know it doesn't meet her guidelines for a FIU, but I'm a rebel, and I want to FINISH A QUILT!

Bad photo I know, but I'm gonna work on blog worthy photography too! Hopefully I'll have some better photos to show you soon.

This quilt top is a BOM from the LQS that I did several years ago. It is a weird assortment of batiks that they picked out. I would never have chosen these particular fabrics. They are way too matchy for me, especially since fabris are so similar often the pattern cannot be detected, and then totally random fabrics were thrown in every few months. The orange, beige and grey backgrounds are so out of place it just doesn't make sense. And I am one of those "add something random" to the quilt kind of people. I just like to use my stray element enough to have it make sense.

The blocks were virtually free to make (LOL, that's what they have you think!) $1 per block, so it was only $12 right??? Ahhh, the 12 trips to the quilt store cost between $50 and $100 each, so I'm guessing this "great work of art" cost somewhere around $700 in stash building. The sashing and border were extra! I don't even know if they are using this method (not that I ever minded) to lure people into the stores any more. I'll have to go on a trip to the LQS and check it out. Do you guys know if the $1 quilt is still popular?

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  1. Love the batik quilt. I did one like that several years ago, but it was a little more non-matching!

    welcome to the blogging world!