Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A first post just to get this blog going is a little intimidating. What should I write? Should it be in first person? Will anyone be checking my english usage, and berating me because I didn't capitalize the e in english, or will I be mocked for leaving my participles hanging? I mean dangling?

Oh me, oh my! What a mess of thoughts that are tangled up in my head waiting to get out. Should I spill them here? Is this going to be therapy for me. Spilling my worst or best kept secrets? Naahhh! I'll probably just try to find some others with similar interests, and maybe I'll be as interesting as they are. Doubtful, but this is definately something new.

An adventure.

An adventure into the second half of my life.


  1. Yes, the same things I wondered. Fortunately, it is just interesting and satisfying to me to record my (mundane) thoughts and kind of keep track of my days.

  2. My memory is so bad I need something to trigger it too!

  3. I think we all have those thoughts when starting blogging... I personally found it very intimidating and did not think I could do it... Now I cannot do without it!! LOL
    Welcome to the blogging world... it's a wonderful world!!

  4. Welcome! Every adventure starts with one small step.
    I think (actually I know, lol) I am now addicted to blogging and would be lost without all the wonderful people in blogland.
    Enjoy! :o)